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Book Review - Will review your book and post about it on the blog, social media, and goodreads. You are also asked to provide a free copy of the book for the reviewers to read. It can be an Ebook, audiobook, pdf or paperback/hardback.

There are two current reviewers.

Heather - I'm an avid reader and have been since a young age and enjoy a wide variety of genres. I'm also publishing my own books through kindle vella. I would have to say my favoriteeeee genre is fantasy but I enjoy just about everything.

Zoey - I'm Heather's 15 year old daughter. Reviewing books is one of my requirements to pass my language arts class (im homeschooled). I enjoy reading comics, graphic novels, fantasy and horror mainly. I will read your description provided and will let you know if I am interested in your book. (Nothing to graphic in sexual nature please)

You can choose who you want to review your book or choose the option for both reviewers to review your book.

Is your book part of a series? We can even review the next book in the series at a discounted price! This is only available through this purchasing option.

Reviewers reserve the right to accept or deny any book. Please fill out this form and our reviewers will contact you to let you know their decision.

Why do we charge for reviews you may ask?

There's so many ways to answer that. For instance running a website costs money, advertising costs money, Plus we take our time to review your book and write a positive review about your book.

Thank you for considering us as you choose some one to review your amazing work!

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