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Author Interviews For Podcast Channel – $10

We are booking interviews now and our podcast will be launching in March! Please use this opportunity to schedule a time! Book now by clicking the image below!

Pinterest Group Boards – Free

Join our Pinterest group boards! Pin your books to the relevant boards! In the form below add the required Information as well as all categories and genres your books fit into! Click the image below or CLICK HERE!

Free Book Of The Day Promotion – FREE

Join our Book Of The Day Section for Free! In the form below please provide your email address, link to your book, any relevant images, genres, and links to social media accounts! Click the image below or CLICK HERE!

Book Review – FREE

Our mission is simple: to connect readers with exceptional books and support authors in reaching their audience. Whether you’re a fan of gripping thrillers, heartwarming romances, thought-provoking non-fiction, or any genre in between, we’re here to guide you towards your next literary treasure.

How does it work? It’s easy! Authors can submit their books for consideration, and our dedicated team of reviewers will dive into each story with enthusiasm and integrity. We believe in providing honest and constructive feedback to help authors refine their craft and connect with their readers on a deeper level.

We do ask you to provide either a Free Ebook or a Paperback copy of your book for the review. Click the picture or CLICK HERE!!

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