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Coming Soon: Blood From A Stone

When justice is on the line…leave no Stone unturned.

Bloody and armed with the answers he was willing to die for, Jack Stone is sent spiraling into the city’s seedy underbelly to find the enigmatic Drac. 

Magnificent Reading Apps

Here at Magnificent Momma’s, we love to promote reading. Whether it’s paperback, hardcover, or reading apps. Any type of reading we are all for. So here’s our list of magnificent reading apps! Read the list HERE!

The Author’s Guide to Engaging with Book Blogs

An important part of an author’s success and getting their book out there is promotion and marketing. Now as an author, you are probably asking yourself how is a book blogger going to help you with that. Each book blogger is different some might just create a listing of your book, while others do reviews. Each book blogger is different and offers different opportunities to help authors. A good book blogger though their goal, their motivation is to help you. Read more HERE!


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