The Author’s Guide to Engaging with Book Blogs

An important part of an author’s success and getting their book out there is promotion and marketing. Now as an author, you are probably asking yourself how is a book blogger going to help you with that. Each book blogger is different some might just create a listing of your book, while others do reviews. Each book blogger is different and offers different opportunities to help authors. A good book blogger though their goal, their motivation is to help you.

Book bloggers are a great resource in helping you boost your visibility. They are already connected with readers and other people in your niche. Some book bloggers only participate in certain niches while others participate in all genres. How does this help you though? This helps you by connecting readers with your book or books to new people on a regular basis.

Book bloggers are actively connecting with readers. Not just on their blog but across all types of social media platforms. A lot of book bloggers have had success with Instagram and TikTok here lately so in retrospect their followers are seeing your books, perhaps following you if you are on that particular social media platform, and seeing your book more than they normally would. We all know by now that getting your name (which is your brand and book) out there is a great way of promotion whether it’s word of mouth, reviews, or social media. Book bloggers help you in this way.

So you are looking for a book blog. Now I’d hope you would connect with me to share about your book but on the off chance that you don’t feel as though I am a good fit for you, some suggestions would be to find bloggers in your niche. I’m also going to recommend that you find someone who has books posted already so you can see an example of their work. New book bloggers are great too because they are going to be putting in lots of effort to get their names out there as well as get your name out there. But for sure find someone who has a legitimate website set up already.

I seem to connect with most authors on Facebook or LinkedIn currently the most. If you want to approach a book blogger each blogger is different and may have a different setup. For instance, you can go to my store and purchase the free book of the day promotion. Others may request you to email them or contact them through a social media account. 

The impact of author interviews on readers and book blogs. A lot of bloggers are offering author interviews each is different and asking the bloggers how they conduct their interviews is important. I do video interviews through Zoom and then post it to our podcast. Some bloggers will charge you for an interview while others (like myself) will offer it for free.

A lot of book bloggers or even bloggers in general are always looking for guest bloggers to provide guest posting which in most cases link back to you. So if you feel that you can write a topic I would suggest looking for that niche and reaching out to the blogger. Magnificent Momma’s is always looking for guest bloggers as well and you can reach out to me via the contact form or email at [email protected].

Amplifying your book’s reach is the goal. Book Bloggers is a great way to go. Make sure you remember to share any posts you provide to your social media platforms as well. This will help double your exposure. It also helps your favorite book blogger as well!

With that being said I hope you reach out to discuss options book bloggers have for you and how you can collaborate with them and both of you can gain mutual benefits. 

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