The Trash Talk – Its Easy To Be Green

The Trash Talk – It’s Easy To Be Green 2-book series covers a lot of ground from explaining the recycling industry, sharing inspiring information, and offering ways to reduce waste via reconsidering, rethinking, recycling, reducing, repurposing, and other ‘r’s. Did you know that people benefit from trash? Well they do, and you can help your […]

1 min read


What if you could dream up your ideal lover? Liz Martin can, but will falling in love with her fantasy destroy her marriage? Facing middle age, Liz feels like she’s missing out on life and uses her ability to manipulate her dreams as an escape. But when she dreams about Antoni, a handsome young stranger […]

2 mins read

We, R: Vol. 1

Nick Wolfe is a top secret agent for an uncommonly aggressive government institution. His agency works with alien abductees in an effort to preserve public safety and homeland security. A recent abductee and returned woman named, Madison Monroe falls under his charge of responsibility. Nick finds himself uncharacteristically drawn to her, to know her, to protect […]

1 min read