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Here at Magnificent Momma’s, we love to promote reading. Whether it’s paperback, hardcover, or reading apps. Any type of reading we are all for. So here’s our list of magnificent reading apps!

Amazons Kindle

I’m going to guess that if you do any sort of “E-Reading” you have heard on Kindle which is through Amazon. Kindle offers genres to meet everyone’s interests. There are tons of free books! I love free! They also offer a subscription (not the prime subscription) called Kindle Unlimited. It’s like a virtual library. You pay for the subscription and can rent a certain number of books. Kindle Unlimited currently costs 11.99 and can be downloaded through the app store or google play.

Kindle Vella

So mentioned above Is Kindle. Now Kindle Vella is slightly different than Kindle although it is also owned by amazon. Authors post chapters at a time compared to the whole book at once. Kindle Vella offers all genres of books. One thing I really like about Kindle Vella is that you ALWAYS get the first few chapters free which gives you enough time to decide if you will like the book or not. After that, you have to purchase Tokens. Tokens can be purchased from 1.99 to 14.99 which equals out to 200 tokens to 1700 tokens. 200 tokens equal approximately 8 episodes. I would say paying for tokens would be the only downfall for Kindle Vella. But everything costs money nowadays lol. Something I think is a really cool feature with Kindle Vella is that you can leave votes on books you like which helios the author get featured more. Something here at magnificent mommas we love to do! You can visit their website or download the app through the app store or google play.


So I’m a huge fan of anything sci-fi or fantasy related. I came across an ad for Dreame a while back on Facebook and have been hooked ever since. I love to read the werewolf stories on there. Dreame offers a variety of genres including paranormal, romance, steamy, ya teen fiction, new adult, fantasy, chick lit, lgbt+, suspense/thriller, sci-fi, fanfiction, action, game, paranormal urban, and realistic urban. They are most known for their werewolf stories though. You can download the app through google play or the app store. I like that there are free books you can read and you can invite your friends to earn coins to be able to read pay-to-read books. The negatives I have seen would be that some authors need to work on their grammar a bit. Also, some books can be very graphic. Not something I personally enjoy but to each their own. I would also like to see one set fee instead of a fee for coins. The cost for coins varies from 4.99 to 39.99.

Please consider joining through my LINK!


Wattpad has been up and coming in the reading community for a while. They offer all genres of books. So something we really enjoy about Wattpad is that books are also available offline. You purchase coins to read like many of these pay-to-read apps. Coins cost anywhere from .99 to 7.99. But something different than a lot of the other apps is they offer two premium subscription plans. The regular premium plan is 4.99 a month. It includes no ads, unlimited offline stories, and bonus coins on purchases. Then there’s Premium+ which is the highest plan they offer for a low monthly fee of 7.49. Included you unlock any 2 paid stories per month, no ads, unlimited offline stories, and bonus coins on purchase. I like that you can read the stories on the Wattpad website or through their apps which you can download on google play or the app store. Also, I really like that the premium memberships are affordable.


WebNovel offers all genres of stories to appeal to every reader. Something really cool though is that they also include comics and fanfics. Not just novels. I wasn’t able to find a cost so if anyone happens to know costs on WebNovel please leave me a comment and I will update it. You can download WebNovel from google play or the app store. Do you read at WebNovel? Please let us know what you think of the app!

Galatea (by Inkitt)

Another one of my favorites. They offer stories in all genres. I really like their fantasy section of stories. They do offer a subscription plan called Galatea Unlimited for 69.99. That’s a bit pricy in my book. But to each their own. You can download the app from google play or the app store. Do you like reading from this app? Tell us your thoughts on it!

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Thanks for taking the time to read our post here at Magnificent Mommas. We will be adding to it as I have a huge list of reading apps I’m working through. Do you have a favorite magnificent reading app? Drop it in the comments section so I can add it to this post or CONTACT US!


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