Certified A** Wiper! NOT!

I’m not a nurse, doctor, or someone in a good medical position. But I am in an important position. I’m a CNA. Yeah yeah ya. I’ve heard it all before. Certified A** wipers etc. But honestly, that’s the smallest part of my job. I feel like the CNA should be changed to “I’m There”.

I’m There!

I’m there when your loved one comes in. I help them get settled in the transitioning phase. Honestly, anyone entering a facility whether they have perfect health or dementia they are going to have to adjust. Their life has completely changed.

Lots of elderly (even those not elderly) lose the ability to feed themselves due to health conditions and physical disabilities. But they have to eat, and I’m here to feed them. I’ve always been the one to take the time with my residents to encourage them to eat. To give them bites at their own pace (not mine!). To wipe their faces if food gets on them. Help them to take a drink. It’s important for people to get proper nutrition to keep their bodies from breaking down.

Yes, we get lucky and have some residents who can take themselves to the bathroom. Or are what we call a stand-by assist. Which is where you are standing with them walking to the bathroom because they can be a little unstable. But we do have the honor of caring for people in need of complete help. And frankly, that’s just part of the job. And honestly not the worst. I remember when I first became a CNA thinking how could I ever get used to the smell of BM. Now it’s like I can change someone, go wash my hands, and “Hey y’all I’m going to lunch”.

Shower Time!

Residents in long-term care facilities are required to be given the chance to shower at least twice a week. I can already hear a million questions coming from that one sentence. Okay, so why twice a week? Because the elderly’s skin is thinner,and their level of activity is less and honestly washing more than that (like we do every day) could cause more harm than good. Then you have my favorites where it’s a struggle to get them in and clean. But after the ordeal is over they are thankful and ready for bed.

Your loved ones getting tired now, I’m there to help your loved one get ready for bed at night. I’ve had quite a few of these fun residents that either have a whole long routine they do before bed. There are also the ones that are more of a challenge to get in bed. Getting sleep is important for all the residents. Sometimes you get one or two going and they rile up everyone else around them. Can make for a long night for the residents and an even longer day the next day.

“I don’t feel good”

When your loved ones are sick I am there. “Can you help me put lotion on my feet?” an elderly woman asked, “Of course I can!”. When they want help picking out their clothes, guess what I’m there! Need your trash emptied? It’s my honor. When they are having trouble sleeping at night and just want some company, don’t worry I’ll be there. 

Time To Get Everyone Up

Before you know it we made it through the night. It’s time to get up. Grandma Louise’s(names are made up) call light turns on. I hurry up to take Grandma Louise to the bathroom, and I help her put on her favorite outfit. “Did you know my daughters are coming today?” she asks me and I smile. It’s all she’s been talking about for the last week.

Now it’s time for Grandpa Pete (again names are made up) to get up. He is going to attend a catholic church service. I think as I grab the hoyer lift and head to his room. I knock on his door “Good Morning Grandpa Pete” I say upon entering his room. Momma as she has everyone calls her, wants help with her makeup. She starts her day off with the ladies for breakfast. 

Everyone’s Up!

I’m not there on some of the major holidays. I kiss my family goodbye and tell them I love them and head to work. Which is really like a second home, and a second family. I spend my holidays with your family members.

So the next time you see a CNA remember there is much more that they do than wipe A**es!



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16 thoughts on “Certified A** Wiper! NOT!

  1. Thank you for all you do! I’m sure a position like this, while certainly physically draining, is worth it when you consider how much better you’re making these people’s lives.

  2. Your job is so important to many people who need care. Thank you! You are undervalued and underpaid I bet!

    1. It’s so sad but true. My last two cna jobs one paid high but the work was harder than most long term care facilities and there was a reason they paid so high. The one after that was for a great company, lower pay but I loved it there until I got hurt 🙁 but each person impacts your life.

  3. Thank you for all the work that you do. it is sad how a lot of it goes un noticed and you guys are definitely underpaid for the kind of work you do. I will definitely make sure to let my health care workers know how much their work is appreciated.

    1. I can tell you they will appreciate any kindness. Especially CNA’s. Think about them during CNA week sometimes they get little gifts of appreciation, sometimes they dont get anything, but taking time to think about these people give them the encouragement that they are often forgotten about.

  4. I have so much respect for CNAs. My mom was in the hospital for 13 days and I am just grateful for all your help. I wouldn’t be able to take care of her without your assistance. So, no — you are not certified ASS wipers. You are angels and life-savers. Thank you for what you do.

    1. Your comment means so much. People just think that we wipe A** for a living. But what about the peoples who families dont come to visit and are passing away. we are there holding their hands. I’ll never forget this one lady shes passed on now but for obvious reasons I cant say her name but she was a handful but i felt every time i gave her a bath and put her to bed she was more relaxed and good for me and calmed down a lot. We give our hearts to our residents thats for sure.

  5. I work in healthcare & can honestly say that at least in the facility I work at the CNA’s do way more than the nurses do! They are some very hard workers and the job should be appreciated more.

    1. Ive never been at a facility where the CNA didnt do a lot more. You would be surprised the things the nurses have asked me to do or assist with thats out of my scope of practice. But CNAs always are constantly moving.

  6. You play a very important role in the lives of a lot of people who are in need of your support. I really love reading this article

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