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I hope this message finds you well. My name is Heather, and I'm the creator of Magnificent Mommas, a platform dedicated to promoting and celebrating great women.

As part of our commitment to supporting talented women, I would like to offer you a spot in our Magnificent Vendor Directory.

Here's what the Promotion includes:

A dedicated blog Page featuring your business.

A dedicated blog Page featuring you.

These will contain links to your website and social media as well.

Promotion of the post across our social media channels.

Exposure to our engaged readership who are passionate about your products.

You can also provide posts relating to yourself, your business, even sales or join specials as frequently as you like!

Now this is a lifetime price that ends 02/27/2024. Then the yearly price will return to 120$.

There are also two add ons that you are currently able to purchase that will not be available after this sale ends as well.

The add ons include 3 custom made designs and social media promotion of all of your posts, etc for 6 months!

So I'm going to send you two links. One is to the website to "order" your spot in the vendor directory. The second is a link to a form. If you have any questions you can reach out to me here, or our facebook page @magnificentmommas or email [email protected] . I Hope you have a wonderful weekend and if you are celebrating holidays I hope you enjoy the holidays.

Here is the link to purchase your directory spot:

Thank you for considering Magnificent Momma's for promoting your work. I look forward to helping promote your business!.

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