What if you could dream up your ideal lover? Liz Martin can, but will falling in love with her fantasy destroy her marriage?

Facing middle age, Liz feels like she’s missing out on life and uses her ability to manipulate her dreams as an escape. But when she dreams about Antoni, a handsome young stranger who unwittingly ignites a spark within her, her fantasy awakens her long-neglected needs. As the dream takes up more of her waking hours, she sees herself as she once was: young and desirable. Young Liz and Antoni live their passion and find true love. But in the real world, Liz’s husband finds himself unable to compete with her dream and urges her to get help. She starts to see a psychologist, but their sessions provoke more questions than answers. Can Liz abandon her dream to save her marriage? Does she even want to?

Upon a Dream is book one of the Dreamer series. If you like unbridled passion, unending love, and the Mediterranean coast, you’ll love Sora James’s page-turning debut novel.

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About The Author

Sora James writes compelling contemporary love stories in hopes that she will not be the only one missing her metro stop because she couldn’t put the darn book down in time.  

After spending most of her early life on the east coast of the U.S., she left her nursing career to live in Catalonia, Spain (yes, for love!). Years later, she had gained a new culture, a language, a tight circle of friends, and a deeper understanding of the geography of the heart.  Her debut novel, Upon a Dream, the first of the Dreamer series, takes place in Tarragona, a mix of the modern and the medieval between the Mediterranean Sea and the Prades Mountains. These days, when she isn’t writing, Sora can be found having tapas around Madrid, or online


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