What the Heart Craves

Joshua is in love with Rose and has decided it’s time they get married, but what happens when Joshua’s mother decides against her son’s marriage partner and tries to put an end to the loving relationship, while Joshua cannot do anything to stop his mother because he can’t seem to get rid of the guilt he feels towards her for something that happened fifteen years ago?

On the other end, David, Joshua’s best friend, the spoilt heir who has always had things go his way suddenly finds himself in a situation where he is forced to mature quickly and take responsibility for the woman he loves.

About The Author

Hi, my name is Testimony Sonowo. I’m a graduate of Mass Communication and I love reading books and watching tictok videos. I also love Korean movies, but most especially BTS.

“The pursuit of happiness” is my favorite and most inspiring movie (acted by Will Smith and Jaden Smith) and my favorite book of all time is “A thousand boy kisses”.

I hope you enjoy my books. “What the Heart Craves” is my first book.


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