Leaving Earth

Zoë thought today would be like any other.

Today is one of those days in human history that will never be forgotten. Like the day the Twin Towers were destroyed. Or when the first woman was elected president of the United States. I guess I should tell you what happened today.

Here is a passage from the book:

“We are currently receiving reports from NASA as well as the US Government that an unidentified object has seemingly come out of nowhere and is as we speak entering the earth’s atmosphere. We are asking everyone to STAY HOME, Stay inside, and stay safe. We are in a state of emergency not just nationwide but worldwide. We will keep you updated as quickly as we can” The TV broadcasted.

Follow Zoë as Earth has first direct contact with people from a distant planet. Some people from Earth return with them, including Zoë. She learns much more than she ever dreamed possible. But could it be at a scary price?

This will be available on Kindle Vella!

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About The Author

Heather Phillips lives with her family in Indiana. She homeschools her daughter Zoey (yes the character in Leaving Earth is a representation of Zoey). They have a pitbull Lab mix named Vader after Heather’s favorite movies (and books) Star Wars! In her free time, she enjoys reading, writing, and spending time with her family.

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