The Vampire King’s Human Mate

The Vampire King’s Human Mate is the story about The Vampire king, Vincent, is living alone for years after his queen was killed cruelly. There is only one way to get her queen back into this world. He is desperate to do anything to make it possible. The Vampire King refuses to love another woman. He still loves her and lives with her memory. One day, his world turns upside down when he meets a girl, a human girl, who looks exactly like his queen.

This Human…

Ariana is an orphan who has been living alone till now. She has no luck in love and survived an abused relationship. She meets a hot stranger and falls in love with him. When she thinks every problem in her life has come to an end, more new troubles arise and lead her to her death, once again. Another sexy man, the hybrid king, Nathaniel, comes and claims to be her mate. Two handsome men want her. But do they really love her or have some hidden motives? A prophecy is included and that will change everyone’s fate.

Will she survive this time? And will men who claim to be her mate make her believe that this is her fairytale or will this be her nightmare? Let’s find out.

About The Author (UNNAMED AUTHOR)

She has been fond of reading & writing since my childhood. I wrote my first story at the age of 6 years. I have been writing poems and stories but never got the encouragement to choose it as a profession. No one thinks that writing can give a safe future. I belong to a typical Indian family. So my parents also wanted me to opt for something that would give me a stable life and a good future. So, in spite of my interest in literature, I studied business.

I was a brilliant scholar during School time and had hobbies like dancing, reading, and writing. The author describes herself as saying “I was a fun-loving girl and open bird, who always liked to fly in the sky like a butterfly. I always live in my fantasy world and dream about every day of my life to make it encouraging and fun-filled. However, life took various turns and made me compromise with my hobbies and nature of fun-loving.

During my life, there were times/ periods that were very boring and directionless, but I always tried to find the spark of my life. I got married and was blessed with two lovely children and a caring and supportive husband, but I am always looking for something different to express myself. I was feeling incomplete, as I was unable to fly like birds in the open sky until I came to know about Dreame.

It’s my DREAM on DREAME!

First, I started reading at Dreame, which has given me a fresh ignite to my passion, but when I have expressed my thoughts to my family that, I will again write then all of them were not confident and not in favor. It was a turning point in my life during Covid 19 when I had no work. I have finally decided to do something for myself and started writing again. No one but my husband supported me in this.

Dreame gave me a platform to write and showcase my work to the world. I explored different genres and tried my limits with my huge imagination power. In the past eight months, I have written more than six stories/ books. I am so happy to see that readers are very eager to know what is coming next- next & next and are always chasing me for faster updates on my story. Now, with Dreame I am able to express myself devote my time to writing, and do justice with myself. My family is also happy to see these changes in my life after I started writing again. My life took a turn and now I am feeling out of the world as I can follow my dream with passion.


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