Unexpected Moments

Daisy was a devoted Christian that knew the Bible from front to back by age 9 and was still sexually, physically and emotionally abused from a young child until her adult years. There were times she didn’t want to or almost didn’t make it, but by the Grace of God she has made it through. She has been happily married for thirteen years and resides in her Texas hometown with her husband their toy rat terrier, Snoopy. She has three grown children two daughters that live close by and a son in the Military. She is looking to inspire others to know that they are not alone in their circumstances. God is always with you and will not put you through more than you can handle.

She believes she went through the things she did to make her strong enough to face what is ahead of her. She was diagnosed with a rare terminal neurological disorder known as MSA or Multiple System Atrophy. Only 4 out of every 100,000 people are diagnoses with them in the U.S.10% of all the proceeds from the book to charity helping to research and find a cure for MSA. If you would like to donate to help researchers, caretakers and patients, please go to Defeatmsa.org/donate/to-us/

Much thanks to Kirk Cameron for motivating me to write this book.

If you enjoy the book, be sure to read the second part, Beyond Heaven’s Gates.


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